About the Queen of Small Things

Hi, I’m Amanda and the Queen of Small Things is my alter-ego.  She is the woman writing at the bedroom window, looking out over the North Downs, so that Mrs Fearn can mop floors and worry about what’s for dinner without being too troubled that her enlightened thoughts are not going entirely to waste.

And I don’t mean to imply that the big things aren’t important but I’m short, which means I’m close to the ground and I notice the small things more.

Amanda's garden party for one

So, I do outside: the world moves by my bike or my running shoes at a pace conducive to noticing the details.

And I do change: leaves come and go, children alter their relative height to mine, doors open and close.

I do small: I make sense of the big things through scrutinising the tiny ones.

I live in SE England, next to a river and a nature reserve.  I share my house with a boffin husband, a part-boy part-bass guitar son and a flighty daughter who sings a lot.  My Mum sees fairies in the garden, my Dad annoys people for sport and I have a very special cornucopia of friends.

Enjoy the small things, they are the things you will remember.


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  1. wow wow wow
    I love it – makes me float off into thoughts of times past and dreams of times to come – best of all it made me smile x

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