Welcome to the Queen of Small Things.

Amanda's garden party for oneThere is a good deal to be said about the small things.  The big things: the meaning of life, whether we share the universe with other beings and who’s snogging who in celebrityland, get much press but get a minuscule stone in your shoe, a snotty hankie left in the shopping basket you’ve just picked up or sugar in your tea when you usually take none and the relevance of the FTSE Index is swiftly, if only momentarily, forgotten.

So, stay awhile, perhaps longer than you had first intended to and enjoy reading my blog.  The politics of plus size running, a level of day dreaming that only bag making can bring and nifty things to do for dinner without a cooker – just a few things on offer.

Whether you’ve ten minutes between getting in from your spin class and packing your overnight bag for Dubai or a few moments between turning the potatoes and putting on the cabbage, this blog is all about the quiet comfort that comes from celebrating the small stuff.

And it’s not just about me, it’s about you too.  There are many ways to get involved: commenting, dropping me a line or even submitting your own thoughts to add to the guest blog.

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And then there’s just reading and smiling, that’s good too.

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